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Digital testing

Digital testing using RemindoToets
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Digital testing with RemindoToets
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Digital testing using RemindoToets
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This is how the digital testing environment works
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Integrating digital testing into education is one of the ways to innovate education. Digital testing can both improve the quality of tests and make you work more effectively and efficiently.

Digital testing has added value for both students and teachers. Digital testing corresponds to students’ needs. Evaluations show that they rather type than write and that they appreciate a greater variety in question types. Both summative and formative tests can be taken online. Using the Remindo tool, teachers have an overview of test questions and taken tests, through which they can structurally improve the quality of tests.


Educational and organisational benefits for teachers:

  • Questions, tests, and result are well-organised
  • Secure access to questions, tests, and results; anytime, anywhere
  • Automatically put together tests from a built-up database
  • Automatically grade closed question tests
  • Access to analytic data of questions and tests directly after a test
  • Grade open questions online; readible answers lead to time-saving
  • The possibility to add visuals and/or audo to questions
  • Direct feedback to students
  • The possibility of testing without being time or place dependent
  • Variety in testing (Remindo provides more than 10 types of questions

In the halls of the Educatorium, all degrees – including the populated first-year Psychology and Law courses – can simmultaneously administer digital assessments through a secure WiFi-network, using chromebooks. All UU faculties are using these services at the moment. Faculties have chromebooks available for small-scale tests, for example for small courses, students that need extra time, resits and digital verification of completed tests. Dedicated locations are available and the chromebooks can also use the secure WiFi connection.


Sciences, Geosciences, and Social and Behavioural Sciences
– Buys Ballot
– Ruppert

– Drift 3

– Bijlhouwerstraat 6
– Spinoza Hall (UCU)
– Janskerkhof

Veterinary medicine
– Androclus

(The Educatorium halls can be used by all faculties )

At UU, the testing tool Remindo is used to take digital summative and formative tests. Experience the possibilities of a digital tests using Remindo yourself: try the demo.

Try the demo test

  • Every faculty has a Remindo key-user that supports teachers in digitising tests. The key-user personally assists the teacher and answers all his or her questions.
  • There’s a support website that provides teachers with information about testing with Remindo in a well organised way
  • You can find more information about what steps you need to take in “How to digitise my test”
  • Do you want to know more about which test form fits your teaching the best? Or how to design a good test (question), take it and grade a test and the analysis? Then do the online module on testing.

Within the faculties, these persons are assigned to support teachers in using digital testing:

Students' test preferences

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Increase digital testing
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