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Self-study for systemic afflictions

Self-study for systemic afflictions Systemic afflictions involve multiple organs and pathogens. Students will gain insight into how the various organs and pathogens interact, how these interactions translate into clinical symptoms,…

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Digital Microscopy

At the Faculties of Medicine, Veterinary Medicine, and Sciences, many programmes use light microscopes in their histology and pathology practicals. These practicals provide knowledge and insight into the disciplines of…

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Simulations and simulation gaming

Utrecht University’s expertise on simulations as a learning tool is fragmented, spread out over a number of different faculties and rarely used. This expertise can be enhanced and more widely…

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The goal of this project is to work with people from Psychology, Medicine, Veterinary Medicine and Pharmaceutical Sciences to develop a serious game that will help teach social skills. Students…

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Spatial project education on location

The project’s goal is to intensify spatial project education and to develop teachers’ ability to provide it. Spatial project education teaches students to think spatially, solve location-dependent problems, and to…

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E-learning modules for Companion Animals

This is a proposal for the development of 100 e-learning modules to train the diagnostic and surgical skills of Master’s students of Clinical Sciences of Companion Animals and teach them diagnostic procedures for…

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