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First vlog is online!

Jasper van Winden visits the Surf get together about the use of virtual reality for educational purposes in Groningen. Checkout Jasper’s channel Check out Jasper’s Educate-it playlist

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Workshop: Interaction with Votingtool

Do you want more interaction with your students? Do you have the feeling that your students  don’t understand your information well? A voting tool may be the answer! With a voting…

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Train students’ soft skills using TrainTool

TrainTool is an app students can use to train their communication skills (conversation, presentation, communication, social skills, and/or foreign languages) online. Students are shown a video of a situation. They…

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Blending your teaching practice

Are you considering blending your teaching practice? Come get inspired at our workshop! You will get started on (re)designing your course right there in the workshop. You’ll learn how blended…

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