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Mark Sanders on the use of IT in teaching

Dr Mark Sanders (U.S.E.) is one of the first teachers within the Faculty of Law, Economics and Governance who started making knowledge videos.  Mark explains his motivation:  Why did you start…

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Self-study for systemic afflictions

Self-study for systemic afflictions Systemic afflictions involve multiple organs and pathogens. Students will gain insight into how the various organs and pathogens interact, how these interactions translate into clinical symptoms,…

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Assessing professional competencies

Knowledge of this competency domain has been gathered through conversations with Epass commission members, teachers and students. With this knowledge, an e-learning module will be developed that will allow teachers…

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E-learning modules for Companion Animals

This is a proposal for the development of 100 e-learning modules to train the diagnostic and surgical skills of Master’s students of Clinical Sciences of Companion Animals and teach them diagnostic procedures for…

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