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Programme design
The programme consists of four subprojects (E-lectures, E-assessment, the E-learning environment and innovation projects) that each contribute to the implementation of Blended Learning at Utrecht University. Besides these four subprojects, there are two general activities that will be executed or coordinated at programme level:

  • Teacher development and
  • Quality assurance and research (into the effects of using IT in education)

The design of the programme includes continuity with the subprojects from the first phase, and will connect with UMCU’s Boundless Learning programme.

The University-wide Educate-it programme supports teachers as they future-proof and enhance their teaching practice.

Educate-it: For teachers, by teachers
Educate-it helps teachers innovate their teaching practice and make it blended. The programme also motivates students by providing them with available IT tools and solves issues that stand in the way of good education. Educate-it provides technical and didactical support for teachers that are working on one of the four subprojects, that each contribute to educational innovation and the implementation of blended learning: E-lectures, E-assessment, the E-learning environment and innovation projects. Teachers with ideas on how to improve their teaching practice with IT tools can submit a request for an innovation project on the Educate-it website.
Teacher development, quality assurance and research into the effects of using IT in education are common themes throughout the programme.
The programme is part of the educational stimulus fund project programme, UMCU’s Boundless Learning programme, and works closely with Utrecht University Teaching Academy (TAUU), the Utrecht University Center for Education and Learning (COLUU), and the Utrecht University School of Governance (USBO).

Results Educate-it after the first year
Animation on the achieved results of the educational innovation programme Educate-it from November 2014 to November 2015. We made more progress in the meantime! Look at these results to see what we’ve achieved since 2015. 

Next steps
Animation on the Educate-it plans in 2016