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Organisation chart

Designing and providing education is teachers’ primary responsibility. For that reason, teachers have a prominent role to play in the programme, which includes providing expertise, presiding over the various project teams, and taking ownership of the experiments being conducted within each project.

The Executive Board has commissioned the Educate-it programme. Its rights and responsibilities as a client have been delegated to the director of Research & Education. Strong ties have been created with the steering group and programme council of the ITS directorate to facilitate technical realisation and administration and with UUL to facilitate access to information. The programme is directed by a Programme Board, which monitors the use of resources and whether targets are being met. The Programme Board provides day-to-day management and delegates day-to-day leadership to the programme manager. This board convenes once a month.

Programme Board membership

  • Esther Stiekema, delegated client, president
  • Petra de Wit, ITS, senior supplier
  • Harold van Rijen, educational technology expert

The programme manager leads the programme. He initiates and coordinates its activities, manages the distribution of resources and is responsible for quality assurance, risk management and communication. The programme manager connects. The programme manager carries out these tasks with a programme team, which has secured expertise on didactics and e-learning, IT and PR. The programme team’s work overarches the subprojects. The programme manager creates a working method for the programme team that describes roles, responsibilities and methodology. Members of the programme team may serve as project leaders of the subprojects.

Programme team membership

  • Jan Haarhuis, programme manager
  • Mabelle Hernández, programme management
  • Sjors van der Beek, project manager, IT expertise
  • Daphne van Roosmalen, communication advisor
  • Peggy van Schreven, secretariat

The programme manager and the programme team are assisted by a programme council, which serves as an advisory council that monitors the programme’s substantive execution and advises the programme manager and the executive board on what it observes. The programme council consists mainly of professors and students. The president and members of the programme council make up the public face of the programme. The programme council convenes four times a year.

Programma council membership

  • Harold van Rijen, president, professor of innovation in biomedical education
  • Johan Jeuring, professor of software technology for teaching and learning
  • Jan van Tartwijk, professor of applied educational science
  • Lisa Adriaanse, student faculty of Medicine
  • Joni Remmits, studentassessor faculty of Medicine Geneeskunde
  • Anja Smit, director UBU
  • Marjon Engelbarts, Head of Departement IT Bétasciences
  • Carolien Besselink, director ITS
  • Chris Marcelis, faculty director Geosciences Geowetenschappen
  • Vincent Crone, faculty director Humanities

The projects within the programme are led by project managers, who are responsible for the execution of the projects. Each project has a project team that is presided over by an expert, who is a teacher at Utrecht University. Each project team has at least one student as a member.