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Integrating E-assessment into your teaching practice is an innovative step. Digital assessment and digital feedback will contribute to the ever-increasing quality and effectiveness of your teaching.

Digital assessment can be a boon to students, teachers, and the organisation as a whole. It is an important contributor to the continued improvement and development of Utrecht University’s organisation and education. Digital assessment is also familiar to today’s highly tech-literate students. Both summative assessments and formative ones, which guide students’ efforts, can be digitised and performed online. The Remindo tool provides teachers with an overview of exam questions and assessments, through which they’ll be able to improve test quality structurally.

Educational and organisational benefits for teachers:
• Questions, tests, and results are shown orderly
• Secured access to your questions, tests, and results. Anytime, anywhere.
• The possibility to assemble tests automatically through item banks
• The possibility to grade tests with closed questions automatically
• Access to analytical data on questions and tests right after taking a test
• The possibility to grade open questions online; readable answers lead to time-saving
• Reduced dependence on specific times and places for testing
• The possibility to add images and/or audio to your test questions
• Direct feedback for students
• Diverse tests (More than ten types of questions are available on Remindo )

All degrees – even the large courses for first-year Law and Psychology students – can take digital tests simultaneously in the rooms of the Educatorium. Digital assessments can be performed on Chromebooks with the use of a secured Wi-Fi network. All Utrecht University faculties use the digital testing facilities now. They all have access to their own Chromebooks and testing locations, which are also part of the secured network, to take tests with small groups, such as tests for courses with a small amount of students, students that need additional time, re-sits and digital access to tests.

Science, Geosciences, and Social and Behavioural Sciences 
– Buys Ballot
– Ruppert

– Drift 3

– Bijlhouwerstraat 6
– Spinoza Hall (UCU)
– Janskerkhof

Veterinary Medicine
– Androclus

(All faculties can use the rooms in the Educatorium)
Utrecht University uses the test software Remindo to take digital summative and formative tests. You can experience the digital test possibilities Remindo offers by taking this sample test.

Try the sample test

• All faculties have a key user of Remindo that helps teachers to digitise their tests. The key user offers personal assistance and answers all the questions teachers may have.
• A support website is available, on which teachers can find detailed information on using Remindo for taking tests.
• More information on what to do in order to be able to take tests online is available via “How do I digitise my test?
• Do you want more information on which test form fits your education the best? Or on how to design, construct and take a test question? Take this online module: How do I organise a digital assessment session?

Contact your faculty coordinator for digital assessment.
The following people have been designated to provide support for teachers as they implement digital assessment in their teaching practice.


Increase of Digital assessments
The total amount of digital assessments increased the last year.

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