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Why should we innovate our education?

To keep enhancing the quality of education and to keep abreast of current and future developments, Utrecht University will, over the coming years and in line with the Utrecht educational model, work to innovate education with IT tools and Blended Learning. This will keep our 21st century education skills up-to-date and allow the University to keep its position of excellence. To help teachers adapt their methods to these new tools, the University-wide Educate-it programme was created.

Why should we innovate our education?
The way we live and work has changed under the influence of technology. Whereas land, labour and capital used to be the primary production factors, our current economy runs on knowledge, relationships and creativity. A different world, different production factors, different jobs. Jobs that require different skills. What competencies will the 21st century require of our future students, the world’s future workers? In the knowledge economy of the Netherlands, we train our students to function well in their future society. A challenging task, to be sure, because who knows what their future will look like? Of our future students currently enjoying primary education, 80% will end up in jobs that don’t even exist yet! What knowledge, skills and attitudes they will need for those jobs is almost impossible to guess at. What we do know is that students must be adept at processing information in a society saturated by ICT applications. Education prepares them to function in such a society, which is why incorporating ICT into education is a necessity. These 21st century skills don’t stop at being savvy about media and IT. They are about new ways of learning, living and working. Examples include creativity, innovation, critical thinking, problem solving, communication, cooperation, adaptability, leadership, entrepreneurialism, social skills, and many other skills.