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Educate-it organises large-scale teacher survey on educational innovation

Starting June 6th, all UU teachers will be asked to evaluate Educate-it, the educational innovation programme. Even teachers who’ve never heard of the programme will be asked to complete the online survey. This will help Educate-it to better meet teachers’ needs in future.


What is Educate-it?
The University-wide Educate-it programme, running from 2014 through 2017, supports teachers as they adapt their teaching to the education of the future. Educate-it helps teachers innovate and blend their teaching practices. Many IT tools are available that can engage students and overcome obstacles to good teaching.

Interim evaluation
Because Educate-it values teachers’ experiences and hopes to optimise its activities based on those experiences, programme manager Jan Haarhuis is investing heavily in interim evaluations. He has invited advisors from both USG Consultancy and COLUU to develop a survey which will catalogue how teachers regard educational innovation in general and the Educate-it programme in particular. Input from teachers will be used to improve the programme’s teacher development activities, to decide which tools will continue to be supported, and to explore what more Educate-it can do to support teachers as they implement IT in their teaching.

Invitation lost in the mail?
If you haven’t received an email containing a link to the survey (yet), please go to the newsitem on intranet. Completing the survey will take about 10 minutes.

To learn more about the survey, contact Sebastiaan Steenman of USG Consultancy (S.C.Steenman@uu.nl) or Renske de Kleijn of COLUU (R.A.M.deKleijn@uu.nl). To learn more about how Educate-it can help you enhance your teaching, contact Educate-it.