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01 Apr 2013 - 31 Dec 2015
Project leader:
Johan Jeuring


The goal of this project is to work with people from Psychology, Medicine, Veterinary Medicine and Pharmaceutical Sciences to develop a serious game that will help teach social skills. Students will use this ‘communications game’ to practice communication skills with only limited input from teachers. The communications game will usually be a complement to existing education, but in some cases it may be able to replace parts of the education programme. By allowing students to practice more during self-study, they will be better prepared for face-to-face teaching sessions and we expect that this will make for more effective teaching. Students will be better able to prepare for the summative assessment and we expect that the game will improve both the effectiveness of communications skills education and the quality of students’ communication skills. If the effectiveness of education increases by a modest 5%, the number of summative assessments performed each year and the number of students taking communication skill classes will decrease by almost a hundred.

The project mostly focuses on the Bama 3.0 target intended to assist teachers in using their time efficiently and is in line with the didactics and testing project, which aims to provide teachers with better and/or smarter tools for education and testing and to lower their workload. The project also aligns with EMP projects involving digital assessment and the development of interactive online teaching materials that have been performed at Utrecht University over the past few years.

Watch this trailer for more information about Communicate!


This project will result in a serious game for use in teaching communication skills. This game will contribute to more efficient education and will lighten the workloads of teachers at the study programmes involved.