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Self-study for systemic afflictions

Project leader:
dr. Jaime Rofina


Self-study for systemic afflictions

Systemic afflictions involve multiple organs and pathogens. Students will gain insight into how the various organs and pathogens interact, how these interactions translate into clinical symptoms, and which diagnostic tools are most appropriate under the circumstances. Students will gain insight into the connections between the various disciplines and departments in the field of veterinary medicine.

For each symptom uncovered during clinical examination and/or for each diagnostic tool, questions will guide students through the appropriate macroscopic and microscopic images.


The intended result is that students should gain insight for each organ abnormality into what process are involved and how these processes and abnormalities present clinically.

Students will gain this insight as a set of questions guides them through macroscopic and microscopic images.


Adjustments to seminars can result in more effective face-to-face teaching and relegating the teacher to a support role. The self-study materials are now being offered as Blended Learning. With help from the E-learning/Blended Learning project, the effect can now be measured by means of an official survey.

The self-study materials were also used in a project for testing E-lectures and will also be used to test digital workspaces.