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Educational repository
Whether you want to get inspired or prepare your course more effectively; educational respository makes it possible. It’s a tool to  store digital educational material in a sustainable way, and make it easier to find.

  • You determine what you share and with whom you share
  • You can easily collaborate on course materials
  • Easily integrate into your learning environment or share on social media

Within UU, teachers and support services work tirelessly to develop new digital course materials. Be it in ‘traditional’ forms like (PowerPoint) presentations and syllabi or in the shape of more ‘innovative’ knowledge clips and e-modules: the amount of digital course materials is growing.

Some materials, like e-lectures, are stored centrally. Other materials are being stored on hard drives and USB thumb drives. But we can do better. Course materials are often reusable. It saves a lot of time if materials are stored centrally and are well described. The quality of education will improve if teachers use tools that are already available. Exchange of information beyond the boundaries of the degree programme, faculty, and university will enable new collaboration opportunities.

That’s why Educate-it explores the pros and cons of the educational repository Figshare. Do you have course materials you want to make available for reuse within or outside UU?

Expectations are that the respository will be available to teachers UU-wide at the start of the 2017-2018 academic year.


Please get in touch with Dafne Jansen if you want to participate in this pilot: d.jansen@uu.nl