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Research and quality assurance

All activities in the programme will be evaluated and judged on the value they provide to the quality of education. Standardised evaluation templates will be made available for that purpose. The results of the evaluations will be broadly shared on this website and elsewhere.

Where possible, programme activities will also be studied by means of scientific research. Utrecht University has a great deal of educational expertise within its walls; a number of professors are working on well-defined research assignments in the arena of digitising education. This research will therefore take place in cooperation with the relevant teachers, developers, educational researchers, and these educational professors. A number of research themes will be formulated to define this research. Scientific research conducted into the projects will serve first and foremost to create a body of evidence around Blended Learning. It is incumbent upon us as an academy to perform research on our educational practice and to make changes on the basis of that evidence.

Become inspired
The page on current research already contains a number of examples of innovation projects with Blended Learning that have been studied and have lead to scientific publication. It also contains examples of research projects that are ongoing.

Learn more about Blended Learning
The Relevant literature page has a list of recommended scientific publications on the subject of Blended Learning. You will also find there a few short podcast on the performance of educational research.

Do you have a good idea about how to incorporate Blended Learning into your teaching practice and are you keen to know its effects and whether they match your expectation? There’s information on the Organisation page about how to get the support you need to conduct research into your educational innovation.