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Supporting educational innovations from the Educate-it desk

Student achter Educate-it balieHow do you make your classes more interactive? How do you make use of video in your courses? How do you perform digital assessments? The Educate-it educational innovation programme facilitates teachers as they enhance their teaching with these and other improvements. Under the heading teaching tools & training, the Educate-it website lists the tools available to help you enhance your teaching practice, including information about how each tool enhances education, other teachers’ experiences with the tools and an FAQ. If you would like to know more about the didactic applications of these IT tools or have any technical or practical questions, contact support by clicking the ‘I have a question’ button. Someone will get in touch with you that same day.

Getting in touch with Educate-it
You can also visit the Educate-it support desk in the University Library at the Uithof, a place for teachers and students to go for answers about blended learning, online tools and anything else involving Educate-it. This desk is manned on weekdays from 8.30 until 17.30 by Educate-it students who can help teachers with practical questions right then and there or put them in touch with Educate-it project coordinators to address didactic questions.

You’ll find the Educate-it desk next to the elevators on the third floor of the University Library in the Uithof, Heidelberglaan 3. The Educate-it student can also come to your workspace for support if you need it. The desk can also be reached by phone at 030-253 2197. Or you could submit your question through the contact form on the Educate-it site.