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Teacher Development

Teacher development is common thread through the whole of the Educate-it programme and aims to train and support teachers in the use of various IT tools and the implementation of Blended Learning in education.

Theory and practice

Teachers receive training both in the day-to-day practical use of IT tools and in how to redesign their classes to work with Blended Learning. The trainings will have a low barrier to entry, be freely available to all Utrecht University teachers, require a manageable investment of time, and will be flexibly taught either Blended or entirely online. Where training is offered in the Blended Learning format, the face-to-face portion will involve teachers teaching their peers with support from COLUU experts and/or trained (ICTO) faculty workers.

Manuals and trainings are on offer from the Educate-IT programme, but may also be arranged by the faculty. The basic idea is for all available materials to be shared throughout Utrecht University.

Would you like to learn how to redesign your class in a Blended Learning format? Take the Blended Learning modules, which are now being offered in blended and online forms through the platform of Elevate. These modules are developed by Utrecht University (Educate-it, COLUU, and the Blended Learning stimulus project) and UMCU (Onbegrensd Leren). All three modules are accessible to all teachers at Utrecht University with your SolisID.

You can start taking the modules by clicking on the button below Here you will also find more information about the contents of the Blended Learning modules.
About the modules

  • “What form of assessment best matches my teaching style?”
  • “What if nobody scored above 70 on my exam?”
  • “What are my options for (digital) assessment?”

Would you like answers to practical questions like these? Then the online module on assessment developed by Educate-it with COLUU is right for you! You will learn how to design, construct and present a good assessment (question). How to score and evaluate your assessments will also be covered. The module has been developed in such a way that you can get started on your own materials immediately. If you’re only interested in a specific element of the assessment cycle, you can limit your studies to that part of the module.

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Are you interested in teaching your class using Blended Learning and would you like to know what’s required, but are you not prepared to take a module? Request an interview with project leader Mabelle Hernandez. Ideally, the interview will take place in the company of project supporters in your faculty.