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Online module on assessment

  • “What form of assessment best matches my teaching style?”
  • “What if nobody scored above 70 on my exam?”
  • “What are my options for (digital) assessment?”

Would you like answers to practical questions like these? Then the online module on assessment developed by Educate-it with COLUU is right for you! You will learn how to design, construct and present a good assessment (question). How to score and evaluate your assessments will also be covered. The module has been developed in such a way that you can get started on your own materials immediately. If you’re only interested in a specific element of the assessment cycle, you can limit your studies to that part of the module.


You can start taking the modules by clicking on the button below.

Note: As a user you will be asked permission once, because it is a secure connection between the SURFconext UU and Elevate. Then have you as an employee of the UU, permanent access to all modules of Educate-it.

If you have questions about the learning environment of Elevate, you can contact info@elevatehealth.eu or + 31 (0) 88-7568233. For content questions, please contact educate-it@uu.nl.