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Getting Started in a DIY studio

If you’re a teacher or student wanting to record your first video in a DIY studio, you should request a MyMediaSite account at least two days in advance. Once you’ve done that, you can book time in the studio of your choice.

All DIY studios are included in the Outlook calendar. As a teacher, you can see the availability of the studios in a glance.

Booking A DIY studio:

  1. Go to Calendar/Agenda in Outlook.
  2. In the top menu, click Open Calendar/Agenda Openen.
  3. In the section From Room List/Uit Kamerlijst, you can choose the studio you want (they all start with ‘DIY’).
  4. Print the confirmation and show it when you pick up the key or show the confirmation on your smartphone

There are five DIY studios:

  • DIY Buys Ballotgebouw Teaching and Learning Lab (TLL) Studio 3.25
  • DIY Descartesgebouw Studio 2.01
  • DIY Hugo R. Kruytgebouw Studio Z4.05
  • DIY KNG80 Studio 1.03
  • DIY Universiteitsbibliotheek Studio 2.48


The studio in the Buys Ballot building is part of the Teaching and Learning Lab. Next to a DIY studio, it also provides other educational features. Teachers can get the entrance pass for the DIY studio at the reception of the Buys Ballot building (ground floor).

The studio in the University Library can be used by both students and teachers. The other studios can only be used by teachers. When you go to record your video, please remember to bring your library card. UBU staff need the card to confirm your booking.

The studio Hugo R. Kruytgebouw is administered by Elly Langewis. Teachers can pick up the key in room Z4.06. Don’t forget to tune in with Elly in advance about when you’ll pick up the key, to avoid she will not be there, via E.A.Langewis@uu.nl.

You can collect the key and card for the KNG80 studio at the reception, which is open Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. until 7 p.m. After picking up the key and card, follow the signs to room 1.03. When you open the door, the light switch will be on your left. There’s a ventilation switch as well. Please note that there are steps at the entrance to the studio!

The key for the studio at the UCU Campus at the Descartes Building 2.01 can be picked up at the U.S.E. secretariat. The U.S.E. secretariat can be found at the Adam Smith Building, room 0.02, Kriekenpitplein 21-22, 3584EC Utrecht (after the swing doors on the right).

DIY Studio - KNG80

The DIY studio is equipped with a professional camera, two 27″ screens, a UU desktop pc with Mediamission installed, a keyboard and mouse, an adjustable desk and desk chair, a monitor swing arm, an adjustable tripod for the camera, a user-friendly desktop microphone and a wireless clip-on microphone. All DIY studios have identical video rear panels. Also present are blackout curtains, lighting, a coat rack, clock, whiteboard and mirror.

Things to do before you’ll record in a DIY studio:

  1. Request a MyMediaSite account using this link.
  2. Carefully read the MyMediaSite user manual.
  3. Get support from your faculty Educate-it ambassador when you use a studio for the first time. These ambassadors advise teachers on using e-lectures in their classes (see ‘Support’).
  4. Watch the instructional video on using the DIY studio at UCU.
  5. You need a UBU library card to borrow the key to the DIY studio in the library. You can request one at any of the service desks in the library. A library card is free for students (who can show a valid student card) and teachers (who can show valid identification).

In the DIY studio:

  1. Log into your UU account on the desktop pc in the studio.
  2. Using your own laptop in the DIY studio is not currently supported, so make sure that you have your presentation on a thumb drive or saved to the O-drive.
  3. Ensure you have everything you need in order to give your presentation. You can put your PowerPoint presenter’s notes up on a screen in the studio.
  4. Consider your jewellery and attire when you go to record. A bracelet or steel watch, for instance, may cause unwanted noise when it strikes the desk.
  5. Don’t wear clothing with narrow stripes, squares or diamond patterns on the day of your recording. These create an extremely distracting moiré effect on camera. Similarly, it’s best to avoid super-bright or very dark colours (especially black). Necklaces and shawls can also get in the way.

MyMediasite technical support:

ICU – ICU Internal Services: (030) 253 9952. If the Internal Services audio-visual expert can’t resolve the issue, you can contact the ITS helpdesk on (030) 253 4500. They will assess the issue and attempt to resolve it remotely. If they cannot, a MyMediaSite functional administrator will be consulted on what to do next.

UBU – The Educate-it desk on the second floor. If they can’t resolve the issue, you can contact the ITS helpdesk on (030) 253 4500. They will assess the issue and attempt to resolve it remotely. If they cannot, a MyMediaSite functional administrator will be consulted on what to do next.

KNG80 – The support department (part of ITS) behind the reception. If they can’t resolve the issue, a MyMediaSite functional administrator will be consulted on what to do next.

Didactic support:

Educate-it ambassadors at each faculty advise teachers on how to use e-lectures in their teaching practice:

DGK: Anneke Wijnalda

GEO: Huub Zonjee

REBO: Caro Bliekendaal

UMCU: Esther Christenhuis

BETA: Jasper van Winden

GW: Michiel Fleerkate

FSW: Oscar Buma en Jurgen van Oostenrijk

Educate-it e-lecture project leaders:

Liesbeth van de Grint

Thinking of establishing a DIY studio at your faculty? Contact Educate-it.